An Exquisite Garland of Tagore Classics, Reimagined.
an amazingly sonorous voice with stunning musical arrangement
Experience Tagore classics in a whole new light.
The Album

Monihar — the garland of gems — is a unique collection of Rabindra Sangeet, the songs of Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur, from the dulcet voice of Sudip Datta, set to musical accompaniment by the talented young arranger and composer Apan. Come experience Rabindra Sangeet in a new light with Monihar.

Listen the glimpses of all the songs: Glimpses

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Amare Tumi

Chiretan Hartan

E Monihar Amai

Eki Gobheer Bani

Jagorone Jai Bibhabari

Je Chhilo Amar

Kar Milano Chao

Pathohara Tumi

Tomay Gaan Shonabo

Tumi Kon Kananer Phul

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