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3 Eye Media is a USA based media organization run by experienced professionals. We explore and promote talent in art or music, providing online marketing and logistical support via cutting edge on-demand and digital production. We strive to promote emerging talent, and to help creative professionals achieve their dreams by helping them to reach a wider audience worldwide.

3 Eye Media Logo3 Eye Media is pleased to present Monihar, an unique album of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore’s classics songs. All the songs have been arranged in a new style by the amazingly talented young arranger Apan. The sonorous baritone of Sudip Datta graces the immortal lyrics with an unparalleled musicality that lingers on even after the songs end.

Rabindrasangeet bridges eastern and western musical traditions effortlessly. We have tried to follow that global outlook in this album, bridging classic performance style with contemporary accompaniment. We hope you like the results of this collaboration between tradition and innovation.